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stealing money cat
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Klepto Kitty Coin Box

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 Coin Stealing Cat Box


Miniature animated cat box coin bank for stashing stuff. 
The cat pops out of her box to steal your coins. 
Place a coin on the little pad and the cat pops out of his box to steal it, then hides in the box again.
Live-action cat video simulator. 
Entertain your guests or kids, entertain yourself, entertain your online friends, etc. 

Buy it now, you fool!

Cost per use: one coin. The cat is very picky, it only likes coins. 
Give anyone a coin to let them try it for a surprising reaction or ranting about how they have seen it in some random viral facebook video. 
You can get your coins back from the little panel on the bottom. 

The little cat makes a noise whenever the box is activated. You can smash the coin box with a 20lb dumbbell to stop the noise and get your coins back, but we recommend not doing that at all... you should get anger management instead, psycho. You can probably silence it in some more clever way than smashing it, and getting your coins back is easy.

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Material: Plastic, Electronics, Cat
Size: 12 x 10 x 9 CM
Batteries: 2x AA (not included)
Shape: Multilayered symmetric 3D nontrapezoidal parallelogram (Box)