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Kawaii Anime Face Mask

Kawaii Anime Face Mask

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Cotton Kawaii Face Mask.

These are for germs and cold weather. If you want to become a ninja you will need to cover the mask in black sharpie marker and huff the fumes all day until you become so profoundly delusional reality can no longer convince you to NOT be a ninja. Actually... don't do that, you might die... and this mask is supposed to do the opposite of killing you.

The face mask protects from germs spreading (including spreading from you, if you are coughing), and helps keep you warm during winter. Not just warm from having something cozy on your face, but by actually breathing through it. Seriously, you can try something: breathe through a shirt in cold weather and you might notice you stay really warm, because the cloth becomes warm and the air moves through it. Basically, it's magic.

In some countries, people think face masks are weird because of stigma and their connotation, but these specific kawaii masks are scientifically proven to not look like you just escaped or entered a quarantine zone. Just don't use this if you are a surgeon, please.

There are 10 cute face masks - select the one you like from options and add it to your cart. After that, you should also add the other 9 to your cart in-case you need to tie them together into a makeshift rope.

Mask Material: 
Cotton (durable, thick, washable, soft)

Winter mask features:
5 highly functional functionality functions.
 Keep Germs Away. 
#2: Stop Sneezing on People. 
#3: Look Cute. 
#4: Stay Warm. 
#5: Conceal identity during bank robbery.