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Squishy Anti Stress Ball Burger Cat

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You have to buy at least 1 -_-

Squishy Catburger anti-stress ball.

It's a cute toy made of stress ball material that doesn't roll around when you're not using it because it has a flat bottom to sit on a shelf just waiting for you to smoosh it.
CRITICAL ALERT: When a normal anti stress ball rolls around and finds its way under furniture, it can stress you out. If your stress ball stresses you out then you could have a heart attack and die! Basically what I'm saying is: a normal stress ball will outright kill you, almost guaranteed, and probably it won't stop there because if you get killed by a stress ball it's going to really stress out your family quite a lot, you know? Save yourself and the lives of the people you love by purchasing this revolutionary technology!

squishy info ball:
Calories: infinity
Age Range: roughly the same as tide pods
Warning: please do not eat the squishy catburger... you will die.
(If you want to eat it anyway, please buy more than one.)