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Miniature USB 32gb Flash Drive

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 32gb Mini USB flash drive. 

Do you want to backup all of your important files onto a top-secret drive so secret that you yourself cannot find it? If so, this miniature 32gb USB flash drive is the perfect storage product for you, because it's so tiny you are going to lose it somewhere, eventually. This is the best and most secure form of saving files for long-term storage because if you cannot find the files nothing else can go wrong and the chances you accidentally delete diminished! Huzzah! 

For a more practical use of this storage device: you could also use this micro flash drive for your infiltration spy tactics by hiding the USB in your eyelids, or something, while infiltrating mechacorp to gain 32gb of intel for the bioresist revolutionaries in your local area... or whatever the hell kids do these days.

Now that you're completely sold on the idea of owning your very own micro flash drive, here are some boring specifications and junk:

Product Type: Blank USB Flash Disk
Product Weight: ~10G
Material: Plastic Case
Color: Black
Interface Type: USB (2.0)
Capacity: 32GB
Porn: not included