Cute LED Miniature Mushroom Night Lights

Mini Mushroom Night Light

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You have to buy at least 1 -_-

Magic Mushroom Lamp.

  • Cute miniature mushroom lamps. Put it on the bedside or desk for a positive and happy mood.
  • 7-color changing light illuminates the room with an arcane wizardry aura. Deals 1 Frost Damage per second to Ghosts.
  • No cord to plug in, so it can be thrown at burglars as a makeshift weapon.
  • Can be used as a doorstop or even a paperweight.
  • Good for a cat toy if your cat likes playing with miniature lamps for some reason.
  • Doesn't use much energy, low heat, and long lifespan.
  • Suitable for bedroom, home display, cute gift, or spawning enchanted fairy forest on a magical planet you don't live on (need teleportals or alien technology for this).
  • Doesn't spam spores everywhere like a normal mushroom.
  • Number one choice of people that buy this product instead of buying a normal lamp.
  • The package will include one Mini Mushroom Lamp (with battery included).

    The image has multiple mushroom lights for display because having only 1 doesn't look as cool.
    In other words: you should buy like 50.

Mushroom Genome Specifications:

Item Type: Magic Lamp
Body Material: ABS Plastic
Usage: Night Light, Increase Mario Size, Possibly Witchcraft
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Shape: Mushroom
Wattage: 0-5W
Battery Type: AG3
Batteries Included: Yes
Voltage: 12V
Battery Required: Yes
Bulb Included: Yes
Power Source: Battery Power Only
On/Off: Switch
Battery Power: Yes
Power from Battery: Also Yes
Chance of becoming self-aware: 8%
Serves as WiFi hotspot: No
GPS Tracking: Maybe
When used as food: You will die. Don't eat lamps.