Cute Cat Ears Headband
Cute Cat Ears Headband
Cute Cat Ears Headband - White

Cute Cat Ears Headband

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Fuzzy catgirl headband. 

Become a fantasy girl in one simple step: attach fuzzy cat ears! Now you are sure to attract a true man of culture. 

This headband is guaranteed to transform you into an Asian anime character, which usually results in gaining latent superpower style abilities and plot armor. You can't die very easily if you're the main character, right? Become a superhero cat girl today! (or whenever the package arrives, I guess)

Brand Name: GOHAND (... or was it GOHEAD?)
Brand Name: GOF... nevermind.
Gender: Women, probably
Size: Human Head. May or may not work on local wildlife.
Special Utility: Costumes and Cosplay
Item Type: Headband.
Stat Bonuses: 
+20% cuteness (female characters only).
+10% chance to land on your feet.
+5% agility placebo effect.